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Introducing the RSIKIT ColorADAPT Adaptive RGB LED Flexible Interior Kit with Key Card RGB Remote—a revolution in automotive lighting designed to redefine the ambiance inside your vehicle. This cutting-edge interior lighting solution is engineered with precision and innovation, transforming your car's interior into a customizable and dynamic space that reflects your personal style and mood.

Crafted with flexibility in mind, the ColorADAPT Flexible Interior Kit is composed of high-quality, bendable LED strips that seamlessly contour to the unique curves and shapes of your vehicle's interior. The flexible design allows for versatile installation, ensuring that every nook and cranny is bathed in vibrant, synchronized RGB LED illumination.

The ColorADAPT system takes customization to a whole new level with its adaptive RGB LED technology. The included Key Card RGB Remote puts the power of millions of color options at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly tailor the lighting to suit your mood or coordinate with the interior aesthetics of your vehicle. With dynamic lighting effects and adjustable brightness, this interior kit offers a spectrum of possibilities to create a personalized and immersive driving environment.

• Combine micro-LEDs of all colors into one refined wide-angle light, giving you a stronger, more vibrant light with more color options Weatherproof flexible strip with a silicone sleeve, made to bend or curve around any surface
• 3M adhesive backing tape allows mounting in the toughest spots
• Multi-function remotes and a high end controller allow for the style of lighting you want
• Sound activation and multiple color cycle options, all with a controller that remembers your settings
• No more wasting time resetting colors every time you turn on your vehicle

Kit Contents
• (4) 12” Color Adapt LED strips
• (1) Wallet-Sized Key Card Remote Control
• (1) Wireless LED Controller w/ Sound activation Function
• (4) 10’ Extension Cables
• (1) Car Charger plug for a quick install
• (1) Fuse Tap Adapters for a cleaner install
• Mounting Hardware
• 1 Year Warranty